Selfie Pod Hire for Surrey, London

& Kent

Kid's Evening Parties
From £195
Kid's Afternoon Parties
From £175*
*Up to 4pm

Make your party one to remember - our fun selfie tower takes personalised group photos of all your friends and even has video messaging capability!  Choose to add one of our beautiful backdrops to capture the perfect atmosphere for your photos.  

Benefits of hiring a selfie tower:



  • Quick set up and collection time (approx 50 mins).


  • You can fit around 15 people in each shot!


  • Fits in any venue - 184cm High, 54cm wide with a depth of 54cm


  • Epilepsy-friendly photography - no flash! The LED light does the job!


  • 2 in 1 height convertible selfie tower - suitable for kid's parties as well as adult/teenage events


  • Option to send your photos to your friends via social media


rustic wood and fairytale photobooth background.jpg
Rustic Wood & Fairylights Backdrop
Glitter effect Backdrop